Saferides Startup Homobiles “Makes Its First Million...” with Upworthy

(+1 million views, worldwide. Please Share the Love!)

Homobiles Makes "Its First Million" (Views) with Upworthy

San Francisco, CA August 10, 2018 ( -- Homobiles, dubbed the Bay Area's premiere LGBT Indie Taxi Rideshare, is Lynn (Lynnee) Breedlove's brainchild.

The safe rideshare startup has been taking kind, respectful care of the LGBTQ community for years, but it's running on fumes and prayers. Funding-wise, they're in dire straits. With videographer Pete Bell and Upworthy's help, the Bay Area nonprofit's latest video shares have garnered over 1 million views, and they're hoping to see this reflected in community financial support.

An app is on the way—but meanwhile, depends on the kindness of donors and its pay-what-you-can prebooked riders and supporters.

Breedlove, an indie artist-punk-rocker entrepreneur (Tribe 8, Lickety Split, Godspeed) founded in 2010 after friends in the community needed safe, dependable rides to a conference, and he hasn't looked back.

+1 Million Views... Upworthy Wrote, "His Story Went Kinda Viral..."

The initial video @ Upworthy, published and shared in April 2018, clocks in at over a million views, and the second follow-up Upworthy Video resumes en media res, with Breedlove as the intrepid LGBTQ ally-advocate-and-Pal, on a quest. The selfie-style content chronicles his quest to make an app happen, keep the lights on, and help his indie business thrive.

Upworthy and the team encourage you to watch, like, share, and support both videos and the nonprofit to make manifest all the good works they are helping to bring to life.

Breedlove, thus far, has raised funds primarily through a handful of grants, prebooked paying riders, and through a couple of medical/nonprofit organizations who help to subsidize the trips the drivers make to help trans folks get free rides for medical/surgical trips. The service helps LGBTQ passengers make their way through the world with safety and respect.

For more information: prebook a ride (prebooking is best and preferred) by texting (415) 574-5023. Stay tuned for the app, visit them on Facebook and Twitter, and donate at


Media Contact:
Lynnee Breedlove - -

About Pete Bell/Upworthy

About Homobiles
 is a California NPO 501c3 committed to providing secure and reliable transit to the SF Bay Area LGBTIQQ community and its allies.

They accept donations to help cover the costs of operation.
Donation is 100% voluntary & is not a condition of service.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Operating on a prebook basis only. We are available via text for advanced booking, 7 days a week, with the support of the Homobiles volunteer staff.


Media Contact (415) 574-5023 San Francisco, CA

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"Our First Million:" Pete Bell's Homobiles Safe Rideshare Video Gets +1 Million Views
California, San Francisco
(415) 574-5023

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